Go from Concept to Launch with us

Jeff Linwood at Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park

Typical Projects

I generally work on mobile application or web application projects. I prefer working with the following technologies:

  • iOS Mobile Apps (with Swift)
  • Ruby on Rails

I've also worked with the following technologies:

  • Unity for augmented reality applications
  • Android Mobile Apps (with Java)
  • Java web applications (Spring Boot, Hibernate)
  • Python - Django, Flask, scikit-learn, pandas
  • JavaScript/TypeScript - React, Angular, Vue
  • AWS
  • Twilio (SMS, Voice, Sync, etc.)
There are also all kinds of other things I've worked with as part of one-time projects or one-off integrations. I'm always happy to learn new things and work with new technologies.

I also typically partner with other developers and designers to help them with their projects, or to bring in front-end web developers, designers, project managers, or user experience experts.

Custom Training

I've designed and taught technical corporate software development training classes and leadership development programs for ten years.

Typically, I'll work with the organizational leadership to find real problems to use as a case study. Instead of getting a one size fits all individual training class, my emphasis is on guided team-based projects with a report out to upper managment at the end.

Developer Education

I offer consulting on developer experience, documentation, integrations, and other related topics.

Using my information architecture experience, I can help design your technical documentation strategy.